Goose Bumps

Goose bumps are the sort of feeling most fans of electronic dance music might be familiar with. Almost everyone knows this moment when the music takes over, sends shivers down your spine and you instantly give yourself up to the beat.

Michael Waletzko from Bochum und Fabian Haneke from Essen chose this name as they create sounds on a scale from Progressive House to Tech House, with goose bumps as a reliable and unique sound proposition of their musical output.

Michael Waletzko can refer to an impressive history: the trained musician who learned to play the piano, the cello and the guitar in young years with passion and talent, already decided as a boy to do this for a living. His skills as a DJ and producer with releases on labels like Decks Tracks and Crank are outstanding and he is furthermore part of the world music collective Tapesh 2012, a fusion of artists from many countries, which emphasizes the musical richness and the broad foundation Michael can refer to.

You might have heard about Fabian Haneke as well, as he is head of the DJ trio Tres Amici that is successful for more than 10 years now throughout West Germany. He is also known as a producer, releasing tracks and remixes for artists like Peter Brown, Agent Greg, Basti M and many more on labels like Pacha Records and Red Eleven.